Photography Portrait Editorial - 2045 | Photography - Ugo Osmunds | Model - Michael Carmen | Published - January 2015

"I've always been fascinated about the future and what will become of tomorrow. And whatever comes in my imagination for the future, I always shoot the portrait of that seen in my mind. I'm not a big Sci-Fi fan, but I consider myself to be a futurist. I'm positive that technology is alive and getting more and more sophisticated. Technology wants to be timeless, it wants to live forever. In the future, it would want every single one of us to acknowledge that fact. We already had Google Glass, which is also included in the gadgets worn by model Michael Carmen in this artistic portraits lensed by me. These images tells a story about a modern man in the year 2045. He is fully experiencing the new age, but it is extremely painful because technology and human nature doesn't mix well, but still he manages to stay in the game. Ray Kurzweil predicts a technological singularity for 2045, a runaway cycle of self-improvement by intelligent machines, resulting in explosive technological development. In other words, Robots are coming. Humanoids and Cyborgs. Just as seen in many films, we might see all these events take place in our very eyes." - Ugo Osmunds