007 by Ugo Osmunds Art | Fashion Film Inspired by James Bond

This fashion film is dedicated to anyone who has or affects to have a special appreciation of art and beauty.

"During the time James Bond Spectre was being made, there was a huge controversy about who the next Bond should be. And many preferred a diverse James Bond, I wondered what that would look like. I decided to have an online casting call, and I picked the best male model for the project, Troy Landers. But a 007 project is incomplete and meaningless, without some beautiful women, and I picked Ariana Gleckman, Liz Bademosi and Tigui Danke. I also found a Q for Bond, Ku-Da Chiviya. I shared my ideas about the project with a couple of great fashion designers that I know. Catou by Berny Martin, Classa Boutique by Johnetta Kerkula and d. lamont couture by Derek Hill. I've alwsays wanted to make a big fashion film. And from the way the UOA007 project turned out, I'll be making more. I don't know which is better, photography or film? It's really incredible how photography can tell the same story a film did. The easiest way to describe this project is a series of coolness. A James Bond image is supposed to be sophisticated and very hard to repeat. This is what I channeled with my diverse Bond.

photographed, directed and produced by UOA - Ugo Osmunds Art

Fashion - Catou by Berny Martin | Classa Boutique by Johnetta Kerkula | d. lamont couture by Derek Hill.

Models - Ariana Gleckman, Liz Bademosi, Tigui Danke, Troy Landers, Ku-Da Chiviya